Zappa Plays Zappa 12.8.12 Barrymore Madison, WI


Madison, WI (December 2, 2012) Dweezil Zappa brought his band to the sold-out Barrymore Theatre in Madison, WI 12.8.12. Upon arrival at the theatre early to catch their soundcheck I noticed a sign posted in the window stating the show had been changed from seating to standing by request of Dweezil Zappa for dancing.

They removed the chairs from the front of the stage to allow for people to stand and suggested those who wanted to sit to go behind the soundboard or in the balcony. Die hard Zappa fans purchased VIP tickets which allowed entry to their soundcheck around 5:30. A small but very knowledgeable group surrounded the stage as others sat comfortably observing Dweezil going through his pre show process. After about 45 minutes of covering snippets of songs to be played during the performance and having an immense amount of fun, Dweezil thanked the crowd and said he would sign things after the show.
Zappa Plays Zappa took the stage at the Barrymore officially a little past 8:00 P.M. The pit was packed and primed. Dweezil began with welcoming the audience and said he would like to begin with something from Frank’s “My Guitar Wants to Kill Your Mother.” After “Eat That Question,” ZPZ followed with “Hungry Freaks Daddy” and “Teenage Prostitue.”
ZPZ covered 26 songs and played well past the normal 90 minute show. Dweezil said that they loved the audience in Madison and were having a a great time. They band also commented as to where were had all the women been at their other shows. Tonight’s show was packed with girls singing a long to every song. The promoters and the venue did a superb job of making the evening enjoyable for everyone concerned. A spokesman for the production company said that they would definitely bring Dweezil and his band his back to Madison.

Thanks to Renne Frank and Perry Blanchard of Frank Productions

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