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CZECH VILLAGE – CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (July 12,2014)–The National Czech & Slovak Museum & Library hosted folk singer/songwriter/really really great guy William Elliott Whitmore last night as the nightcap of their day long 40th anniversary celebration. The event was initially scheduled to be outside in the amphitheater, but again ominous clouds and approaching storm front moved us inside. The facility had ample room to accommodate all in attendance and made for a really nice “intimate” show. During the set, Will made a point to reach out to all the little folks that were lucky enough to have super cool parents willing to introduce them to our great heritage and culture. He called it “high fiving’ the future”.

Whitmore’s set was spot on, as always. I’ve been longing for the opportunity to shoot him again. The last time was several years ago when I was caught unprepared with just my little retro looking Olympus PEN when he played another intimate show. It was a benefit concert held at 3rd Street Live. Images from that show were used in Nathan Emerson’s interview: WILLIAM ELLIOTT WHITMORE ON SALMON, GREEN BEANS AND WHISKEY.

On a side note, I was able to score 2 of Whitmore’s albums on vinyl before the ran out and Lion Bridge Brewing provided an excellent selection of their fabulous beer including Ziva Voda, a Czech pilsner that is outstanding!

Here are the pics folks! Enjoy!

William Elliott Whitmore on stage at NCSML

Paul Adams

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