Wilco, Iowa City, IMU – 10/01/2009


WILCO  IOWA CITY,IMU-10/01/09 Setlist:1.Wilco(The Song)2.I Am Trying To Break Your Heart 3.Bull Black Nova 4.You Are My Face 5.One Wing 6.A Shot In The Arm 7.At Least That’s What You Said 8. Deeper Down 9.Impossible Germany 10. Cars Can’t Escape 11. Can’t Stand It 12. Jesus, Etc. 13. Sonny Feeling 14. Handshake Drugs 15. Hate It Here 16. Walken 17. I’m The Man Who Loves You // E1: 18. Ashes Of American Flags 19. A Magazine Called Sunset 20. Misunderstood 21. Spiders(Kidsmoke)// E2: 22. You Never Know (w/ Liam Finn) 23. California Stars (w/ Liam Finn) 24. Box Full Of Letters 25. Heavy Metal Drummer 26. Casino Queen 27. Outtasite (Outta Mind) Liam Finn opened.

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