Widespread Panic Riverside Theatre 10/24/14 Milwaukee, WI


Milwaukee, WI (October 24, 2014)

[list][item icon=”icon-bell”][/item][/list]Ticket scanned and stuck in a slow moving line going nowhere fast. After a few minutes I realized I’m around the 100th person in line waiting for merchandise. Squeezing my way through I head to the front to just to get a glimpse of what the ruckus is all about. I get there to find a guy that has put a halt to all sales until the line can chill out and stop pushing each other into the tables. He was holding the remaining show posters in his hands and they are quite the commodity! He gave me a dirty look and told me I need to start at the back of the line. I kindly told him that I was in the market for a t-shirt and would visit later when his mood changes.

[list][item icon=”icon-bell”][/item][/list] Panic will be hitting the stage in 30 minutes or so and I have already managed to make two new friends. I’m pretty sure I made a dozen new friends before the night was over. No other band that I know of carries the cool vibe that these guys do. The fans just want to dance and be happy while sharing their happiness with anyone within their reach.

[list][item icon=”icon-bell”][/item][/list]The house lights go out and the band casually make their way to the dimly blue lit stage to begin their 3-night run at the Riverside. Fans local and far consider these shows the “must see shows on the fall tours.” Right off the bat my attention was directed at Duane Trucks (brother to Derik) whom is filling in for Todd Nance while he attends personal matters. I heard this news when the band went public with it on their website and thought, how the hell is this poor guy going to pull this off with the set list constantly changing nightly? Though I never heard Duane’s drumming before, I figured he would have his work cut out for him. Now I’m no musician, but from where I sat, I would say he pulled it off perfectly and it didn’t hurt to have Domingo Ortiz in his corner. Song after song the night got better as the Riverside got smokier. Though I didn’t know all of the songs I really did dig the exposure. Panic have such a wonderful way of keeping the vibe strong throughout the entire night even with a short break in between sets. JB has very little to say to the audience other than thanks, hello, and goodnight. I’m good with this because I go to shows to hear music. Some bands prefer to chitchat all night long where they could have played another song or two. Panic’s stage lighting is such a valuable part of their shows, each song is like a painting and the stage becomes a canvas. I have no doubt that they feed their lighting director very well. For me the climax of the night came from songs “Climb to Safety” and “End of the Show.” Not taking anything away from any other track, they were all played perfectly with each band member shining where they should.

Everybody’s waiting to find the last drink  

The last word to say

The last place to go

The end of the show 


It Ain’t No Use > Rock, C. Brown, Holden Oversoul, Stop Go >Up All Night, Walkin’ (For Your Love), Weight of the World, Give

Radio Child >Gimme >Nobody’s Fault But Mine >Imitation Leather Shoes, Rebirtha >Porch Song >Red Hot Mama >Drums >Drums & Bass >End of the Show>You Got Yours >Climb To Safety

Encore : Degenerate, Sleeping Man


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