Weird Al Yankovic – Paramount Theatre 4.21.13


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (April 21, 2013) — Keeping Cedar Rapids “weird”, polka parody prince turned pop culture critically acclaimed king of quirky comedic chords, Weird Al Yankovic rocked the Paramount Theatre in downtown Cedar Rapids Sunday night.  Nearly selling out the amazingly beautiful Paramount Theatre, nerds and fans of all ages came to see Weird Al don all manner of costume and rock the accordion.  After a quick medley of parody polkas, they saw Weird Al return from the first break, or costume change, donning a convincing Curt Cobain wig.  Al proceeded to perform Smells Like Nirvana actually gargling a verse or two with tubas on the jumbotron . . . weird, and the night just got weirder!

Parody interviews were played on the big screens between songs buying the band time for costume changes.  He also played clips from his cameos on television and film during these numerous breaks, in case anybody forgot how big of a deal he is!  The crowd didn’t seem to mind even when the monitors went blank for a stint.  All I heard was laughter and the occasional joking callout for Freebird.  The music equipment was fine and Al informed the crowd, “talk amongst yourselves, we’ll have this resolved in the next 5 hours.”  It didn’t take but a moment for all to come back online and in the interim the crowd was treated to a 7 note solo by bass player Steve Jay.  I believe he played a note with his tooth, too.

From a Dr. Demento beginning to Grammy Award winning honors, Weird Al took his fans all the way through his illustrious career Sunday night. And along the way he has proven to all of us that he has truly mastered his craft, and it’s a pretty weird one . . . just wish he’d bring back the mustache!

Hit play on this Alpocalypse album to get up to speed on his latest work and check out the photos below!


This is What Weird Al Sounds Like These Days


This is What Weird Al Looks Like on Stage at The Paramount


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