Wanderlust 2017: Stratton, VT


Wanderlust 2017 took place at Stratton mountain resort, from June 19th-22nd. This year, an amazing array of musical performances, workshops, lectures, and yoga/meditation classes, were offered throughout the span of four very full, and sunny days. The weather was perfect, providing an excellent taste of the Vermont summer in the mountains. Each day, the Stratton resort village was buzzing with activity and excitement, from early morning into the late evening.

This year’s musical acts were unique, and nothing short of incredible. The Suffers packed the Grizzly’s music venue in the Stratton village for their night set, and the entire time that they were on the stage the crowd was dancing! Their music was soulful, funky and full of jazz tones – this is a band that you absolutely must check out if you enjoy these genres. Justin Michael Williams, a solo artist from California, brought several passionate and fiery performances throughout the weekend. His energy magnetized the crowd up off of their chairs, and onto the dance floor within the ‘Rue Boheme’  –  the outdoor venue in the center of the village square. There was such a diverse line-up of solo musicians, from Trevor Exter, Ida Jo, Lemanjo & Beebs. Each has a unique style of music, and were beyond inspiring.


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