The Tallest Man On Earth | Englert Theatre 6.4.13 (Strand of Oaks Opening)


IOWA CITY, Iowa (June 4, 2013) — The Tallest Man on Earth performed to a sold out crowd at the Englert Theatre Tuesday night. Kristian Matsson (The Tallest Man on Earth) actually crawled out from beneath the stage through the pit to personally greet those in attendance in the front row — no joke, I put those pictures up in the gallery as proof. His intensity certainly did not stop there. Kristian is like a cat forever on the verge of pouncing, playing and singing on the tips of his toes for most of the show — again, reference the images for proof. I swear he must have some sort of atomic power source deep inside him on the verge of collapse pushing its energy right to very last layer of skin. You can almost see it.

I had been introduced to the indie folk music of the Tallest Man on Earth about a year ago and was drawn to Matsson’s intriguing vocal style being so reminiscent to that of Bob Dylan. Only later did I discover I had it all wrong, well mostly wrong. Certainly his voice is akin to Dylan’s, but what I had overlooked was what an amazing guitarist he is in addition to that. This performance at the Englert speaks volumes for Matsson’s talent. Requiring absolutely no accompaniment in any manner, Kristian had me hanging on every lyric, every verse, every chord, while nearly all the time he was on his tip toes! He must burn through a lot of boots . . .

Strand of Oaks was the opening act. Despite a somewhat rough looking exterior, Timothy Showalter’s soothing voice brought, well . . . rather meloncholy lyrics; but somehow in a very comforting way, if that makes any sense at all. Apparently his drummer Jason Slota is a pretty good hugger if you get too choked up!

Check out the photos below, but hit play on this album first. This is from their 2012 release “There’s No Leaving Now”

Here is What The Tallest Man On Earth Sounds Like


Here is What The Tallest Man On Earth Looks Like (Strand of Oaks Opening)

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