The Steepwater Band Yacht Club Iowa City, IA 9.27.13


Iowa City, Iowa (September 27, 2013) Rock n Roll is alive and well as was demonstrated at the Yacht Club in Iowa City. Iowa City is a college town that has seen the best over the years. Musical tastes change over the years but at the core in small clubs in Iowa City the best continue to appear. Hailing from Chicago could not be a more perfect location  for the band. Rock legends have and do call Chi town home.  The Steepwater Band is one of the best live bands on the road today. Jeff Massey (guitars and vocals), Joe Winters (drums), Tod Bowers (bass), and Eric Saylors, (guitar) have been gaining followers for 15 years.  It was a rare opportunity to catch them in a  small room like the Yacht Club. After their Yacht Club show they headed to Des Moines to open for Johnny Winter, then headline a show the same night. They captivated the crowd , many of whom were seeing them for the first time. Dueling  guitars via Jeff, Eric and Tod were held together by Joe whose drumming  presence is reminiscent of Charlie Watts’ leadership style. This was not my first evening with Steepwater. Each show is progressing as they continue their 2 years with Eric Saylors’ contributions.  Catch them soon as nights such as this one will soon be a rare occurence.


Photos of Steepwater Band

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