The Avett Brothers Kick Off Tour in Madison 2.9.13


Earlier this year while doing a shoot at the yet to be open Orpheum Theatre in Madison I was informed the Avett Brothers were going to play the Orpheum in February.  I marked their show as a must shoot. The show had sold out long before most people knew they were going to be in Madison, let alone that the Orhp was breathing again. Everything about the historic theatre was a perfect fit for the band. The stage was huge yet like their personal living room equipped with a runway. The lights were breathtaking as they provided  shafts of color throughout the vintage setting. From their first number taking a breath was not on their agenda. Even though they slowed the tempo the crowd kept things moving. A high light was their surprise appearance in a “box” area near the balcony. Rather simular to when the Stones set up an acoustic stage in the midst of the crowd, but instead of a band it was the brothers and two acoustic guitars near the front row of the balcony. The audience received everything they could of hoped for and much more.  Madison was rocked courtesy of the Avett Brothers, their crew, the venue and most importantly, the fans. It all came together as one at the Orpheum.



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