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Personal philosophy on covering concerts and photo usage:

  • I purchase seats to shows unless the venue or artist comp me a ticket
  • Photographs will not be sold. Photographs will be provided to the artist(s), publicists, promoters or venues who provided Live Gig Source media/photo access
  • All photos are of the property of the photographer for use as determined by the artist(s)
  • Photos remain  posted on the site and will not be posted or used elsewhere without artist(s) permission
  • I maintain a professional character and all who represent Live Gig Source


  • Lived in the music world in various capacities for 50 years. Became an active concert goer at the age of fourteen.
  • High school years were spent hanging with a band in their recording studio and following them to gigs. Quit high school to become a roadie in the twin cities. Driven to learn everything about musicians, their music, record labels, producers and making a living.
  • Pursuing drum lessons, keyboards and recording.
  • Small website launched in 2006 with access from music business contacts and friends in the music world . Goal: take concert photos at gigs I attended and post them with a review of the show.
  • Began to request official photo passes from artists, promoters, publicists and venues. Live Nation, Frank Productions, Tru Endeavors, National Shows 2 (NS2), Venue Works
  • Live Gig Source is recognized as a Google approved  media outlet. 
  • Artists, promoters, publicists and venues are encouraged to contact me about Live Gig Source assisting with promotions.


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