Live Gig Shots

George Burrows


Live Gig Shots was born in 2008 as a vehicle to promote George’s admiration of live music. George wanted to give back to the artistic community that he loved. Over the years George has collaborated with many talented artists: photographers, writers, musicians and promoters. 


 George Burrows grew up in the Midwest and graduated from Iowa State University in Elementary Administration in 1984. He received  his GED in 1980. George worked in the school system from 1974 to 2000. He was a custodian, teacher and an elementary principal. His educational belief is that all students have the ability to learn and that the curriculum should fit the student, not the student fit the curriculum. 

  On October 14, 1968 he saw Cream at Vets Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa.  In 1969 he attended the Denver Pop Festival where he was exposed to Hendrix, Zappa, Big Mama Thorton and an array of era artists.

George’s obsession with music eventually led him to drop out of school in 1970. He was kicked out of class for reading the liner notes to the newly released Woodstock album. George could not relate to school or fitting into his family.

  George’s attempts to play an instrument never matured.  Although he did manage  to play drums by ear and in 2016 began taking drum lessons at sixty-two. George’s younger brother, a professional drummer, died in 2014 from cancer. His brother’s death devastated George. Not only did he loose his sibling, he lost one of the few people who would talk with him about music. 

“I found that to really make money, you had to give up music. So I gave up money.”

– Mel Lewis






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