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Chelsea Erin Wright

Chelsea Erin Wright is a Vermont native, having been born at home in Essex (1989) just around the corner from the largest city in the state, Burlington. Chelsea is an avid photographer and writer, as well as a silver-smith, leather-worker & herbalist in the making. Since 2007, she has been studying & actively pursuing her passions-photography/writing, creating a solid foundation built with ten years of knowledge and experience. 

Mihali Savoulidis: Twiddle | Pondfest 2013 – Peru, NY

Her introduction to live music photography came in 2010, after her first time attending a show – Lucid from Plattsburgh, NY – which had a long-lasting impact on her. This inspired her to dive more deeply into the scene, to experience live music on a consistent basis. Shortly after was when she began photographing Vermont’s very own & now well-known funky, reggae-rock jam band, Twiddle.

Chelsea’s passion and drive led her forward with great momentum. She successfully sought out shows to photograph that moved her, such as: Matisyahu, Stephen Marley, Railroad Earth, SOJA, and many others. She began shooting Music & Art festivals each summer, including: The Frendly Gathering, DelFest, Wanderlust: Stratton, VT, Backwoods Pondfest, & more. Her coverage has reached up to 150+ shows in the New York, Burlington and surrounding areas, ranging from: Lotus, Moon Hooch, The New Mastersounds, Nahko & Medicine For The People and Trevor Hall, to The String Cheese Incident, Yonder Mountain String Band, Lettuce, Keller Williams, Marco Benevento and many others. She has incorporated her writing skills into her coverage in the form of previews, reviews & interviews, supporting the exposure of talented musicians to the online community via grass-roots volunteer work for UpState Live – one of NY’s most popular entertainment websites.

Nahko Bear: Nahko & MFTP | Frendly Gathering 2015 – Timber Ridge, VT

Her favorite bands currently, are Nahko & Medicine For The People, Hiatus Kaiyote, Moon Hooch, Trevor Hall, and a few of Burlington Vermont’s local acts: Navytrain, Revibe & Mal Maiz. When asked about her interest in musical taste, she shared:

Mike Wilbur: Moon Hooch | Higher Ground 2016 – Burlington, VT

I enjoy music more than anything…it’s what has helped me through the hardest times in my personal experience of life, and has guided me along my path. Music gives me vision, and directs me when I am in need of guidance. I’ve always preferred Jazz and Reggae…older stuff, like Weather Report, The Talking Heads, Louis Armstrong, Bob Marley and Third World. As far as local sound on my radar, I’d highly recommend checking out Navytrain. I have no doubt that they’ll be showing up more frequently around New England soon. They have an incredible energy, unique sound, and their name makes you wonder – what does it mean? My perspective on music, is that the most memorable and impacting messages are stories of truth…stories inspired by raw, genuine experience…inspiring music, which spreads enlightenment solely by being what it is – this type of music is what I resonate with most deeply. I love bands who show that they truly care about their fans, and the impact that their energy has on the progression of the music. Musicians like Nahko & Medicine For The People, Trevor Hall and Navytrain are creating a movement with their messages, that truly is providing musical medicine – it seems to me that the community that is created as a product of this music, is supported greatly by the interpersonal relationships that these musicians create with their fans & those are beautiful, meaningful relations to experience”

Navytrain’s Graduation Show | Sidebar – Burlington, VT

Chelsea joined Live Gig Shot’s team, as creator & head photographer/writer of our ‘Eastern Exposure’ section. She will be bringing the Live Music news of the East Coast into Chicago’s periphery – bringing a broad range of musical stories & experiences to the table.

Follow the links below to discover her personal photography/writing on her website, Facebook and Instagram.

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