STYX | Paramount Theatre Cedar Rapids 6.23.13 – Over 50 Concert Photos


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (June 23, 2013) — Multi Platinum album selling classic rock and pop culture icons STYX performed at the beautiful Paramount Theatre in downtown Cedar Rapids Sunday night. Mixing classic hard rock, prog rock, and the showiness of art rock into their ballads and billboard hits (like they’ve done since the 70’s), Styx had the crowd on their feet for the entire show. Being a child of the late 70’s, I can recall stumbling across a well worn pressing of Pieces of Eight in an upstairs bedroom of my childhood home. It’s hard to determine which of my 5 older siblings may have been the legitimate owner but it and The Grand Illusion definitely contributed to the soundtrack of my youth. I brought my brother to the show — it was the least I could do.

James Young (guitar, vocals) hasn’t missed a step. Strut’s like Jagger and sticks his lips out too, but when he sang Lorelei, man I went right back to the steamy upstairs bedroom gazing blankly at the image of ice on fire. Tommy Shaw (guitar, vocals – defies the aging process) told the crowd a little story about a particular breakfast in Alabama that led to a simple acoustic idea that evolved into the Crystal Ball. Shaw spoke of a different time and place where a song wasn’t written for the sake of 3 minutes of airplay between muffler ads. He reminded us of how they wrote to create a different musical journey. A complete story that could take up to an hour or more to digest entirely, brought to you through lyric and sound in the form of an – album. DJ’s would play the whole thing, too!

Lawrence Gowan (keyboard, vocals) played on a revolving keyboard pedestal. He even played the damn thing backwards, from behind, and while sitting on it. Gowan coaxed the crowd into a little “call and response” audience participation channeling momentarily the rock of Annie Lennox, Mick Jagger and Roger Waters before breaking into the epic ballad Come Sail Away. Ricky Phillips played bass guitar with Todd Sucherman on percussion throughout the set. Steve Foresman was the opening act.

What STYX Sounds Like (In Case Some How You Forgot)

What STYX Looks Like Live On Stage

Steve Foresman warmed up the crowd.

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