Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Blues Traveler | Under the Sun Tour | Riverside Casino


RIVERSIDE, Iowa (June 28, 2014) — Riverside Casino played host to the Under the Sun tour which featured 4 great bands from the 1990’s. Spin Doctors, Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, and Blues  Traveler all took turns on the outdoor stage for 20 to 30 minute sets of the greatest hits from the decade under some really dubious looking storm clouds.

The quick sets and set changes made it possible for the 3,000 or so in attendance to rock out to each act before the inevitible downpour and lightening cut the evening short. Checking the radar between sets and watching that monster storm slide just beside us for as long as it did, Riverside was incredibly fortunate to pull it off for as long as they did. Luckily for this photographer, the break came after Popper and Blues Traveler’s standard “3 and out”, so I got my shots. Still got caught in the deluge on the way back to the car for the unload. Gear was absolutely soaked. Thank god for weather seals! So far no equipment casualties.

As for the music, all was pretty much spot on from my somewhat cloudy early college memories. A couple minor mic issues, but with the super quick set changes that had to be made . . . lets just say I’m not holdin’ it against the crew. Personally, I was most impressed with Chris Barron and Spin Doctors. He commented on their new (yes new) blues album If the River Was Whiskey, but unfortunately had no time to play any tracks from it. I would really encourage you to check it out, dude’s got soul!

Mark McGrath from Sugar Ray was apparently a real hit with the ladies. At least from the chatter overheard from the rail. Smash Mouth brought a lot of energy.

Popper and Blues Traveler was brief but amazing as usually. Made me feel absolutely ridiculous for picking up that pocket Horner from the thrift store recently and feeling accomplished when I nearly pulled off When the Saints Go Marching In. His mastery of the harp is mind boggling. Much Respect!

I’ll likely add more to the review later, but I wanted to get this pics up for ya’ll to enjoy. I overshot as usual, and had to call in reinforcements to narrow them down (thanks Katie). If you would like to see more, pop a note in the comments and I’ll throw them up on the site.


Spin Doctors

Smash Mouth

Sugar Ray

Blues Traveler


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