Saliva Ripped Off by Promoter in Marshalltown, IA

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Marshalltown, Iowa (July 29, 2013)  In the midst of their successful tour multi platinum band Saliva had no idea they were going to be ripped off when they made a stop in Marshalltown. Saliva is touring in advance of their new record “In It To Win It”.  After supporting band Boneriver ‘s set the Impala Ballroom’s stage was prepared for Saliva. Lights were readied and the smoke machine was operational.  The crowd was milling around the front of the stage as classic rock was played over the house sound system as Saliva’s roadie made the usual sound checks.

After 30 minutes Saliva’s tour manager appeared on stage and announced that Saliva would not be performing. He stated that a promoter named Scott had not delivered the band’s money as promised.  Saliva’s Bobby Amaru told Iamnotjerry, “He (Scott/promoter) didn’t meet any (of the band’s) requirements and we settle before every show. He said he was going to get the money and he never came back.” Saliva stayed around so fans could get personal photos, autographs and allowed me to get photos of the band outside their tour bus. Saliva was in good spirits considering they did not get paid.

I am not aware of the promoter known as Scott. The promoters I do know are outstanding representatives of the music profession and advocate for artists as well as the venues where they perform. They work tirelessly to ensure that artists get what they need to be able to perform each and every night so concert goers experience the best show the artist can give. When something like what happened to Saliva occurs it is disheartening.  I am sure Saliva has moved on as there are many more scheduled shows ahead of them on this current tour. On September 3rd I will be purchasing “In It To Win It” and play that mother as loud as I can in support of live music.

What a Saliva stage and fans looks like

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