Runa 2.10.13 CSPS Cedar Rapids, IA


“There is truly a mystical quality to their playing,” Irish Philadelphia said. “They create a lyrical sound that is at once unique as well as seamless.” The four-piece draws on the diverse musical backgrounds of its members and offers a refreshing, contemporary take on traditional and more recently composed Celtic material, a fusion of music from Ireland, Scotland, Canada and the United States. Runa consists of vocalist and step-dancer Shannon Lambert-Ryan of Philadelphia, Dublin born guitarist Fionán de Barra, Cheryl Prashker of Canada on percussion, and Tomoko Omura of Japan on fiddle.Members of Runa have played with Solas, Riverdance, Slide, Clannad, Fiddlers’ Bid, Moya Brennan, Eileen Ivers, Hazel O’Conner, Full Frontal Folk, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Barcó and the Guy Mendilow Band.The band won several awards at the 2010 Montgomery Buck Music Awards, including Best Entertaining Band, Best Folk Artist, Best Female Vocalist, and Best Album (Jealousy). More recently, they were recognized at the 2013 Irish Music Awards with a nomination for Best Female Vocalist. Courtesy of  CSPS

[box_light]All photos by Paul Adams [/box_light]

<h2>Here is What Runa Looks Like Live on Stage at CSPS</h2>

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