Rob Zombie and Korn at the U.S. Cellular Center | Cedar Rapids


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (November 20, 2013) The “Night of the Living Dreads” tour slammed into the US Cellular Center in downtown Cedar Rapids Wednesday night to the overwhelming approval of the 6,000 or so metal heads in attendance. The energy on stage was solid considering both headlining bands Korn and Rob Zombie have been at this for 2 decades. When the bass dropped for the first time after Korn took the stage and opened with “Blind”, I was instantly transported back to the ’85 Olds Cutlass that was my first car. The year was 1995, I was a senior in high school with a lead foot and I wore that cassette out. Somehow it added 30 mph to the top speed of that POS and I think it might have made it look better too!?!

Next came college, and sure as shit, Korn was still there – lurking in the corner amongst countless others, egging me on to grow my hair out. I still have that three striped running jacket somewhere, I know it. The dumbass in me dumped a shit ton of loot into an obnoxiously huge stereo setup with the ultimate intention of pissing off the neighbors by hosting the loudest house parties possible just off campus. Mr. Rob Zombie was on lead vocals via a state-of-the-art 150 disc Compact Disc Player Carousel! You know it had to be “More Human than Human”, but not the regular radio version, oh no! It had to be that crazy ass techno remix! (see spotify box)



Through the years, both bands have kept creating and evolving, developing and expanding. Zombie even got into some film projects that I really respect. Somehow I grew too. And on this one crazy night, this Night of the Living Dreads, we found ourselves back together again. But the viewpoint was different. This time, for me — I watched them through the lens for the first time. And maybe it’s just the tunnel vision of the viewfinder, or maybe it’s from putting a few more miles behind us barreling full speed down this crazy road of life, but I felt an even more powerful connection this go ’round. It’s like being reunited with old friends. Only these friends will rip your fuckin’ face off!!

Smoke-Lights-Loud-Packed-Metal! Good show!

Thanks for the memories!

Enjoy the pics . . .

KORN Performing Live at the US Cellular Center


Rob Zombie Live at the US Cellular Center


Night of the Living Dreads Crowd Shots

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