Risin’ Sun Double Door Chicago, Ill 8.31.13


CHICAGO, ILL (August 31, 2013) The Risin’ Sun completed their US tour with Liquid Light performer/artist Mad Alchemy at the acclaimed Double Door. This was my second Risin’ Sun show in two weeks so there existed high expectations in a club such as the Double Door. The Risin’ Sun opened a triple bill with Chicago’s WaxWorks and Buffalo Killers.  This time around the trio were at the peak of their tour, playing their second show in Chicago in 3 days and catching a flight to Mexico City in the morning.  Mad Alchemy ‘s light show was made for the Double Door. His liquid light performance was hypnotic through all three bands which kept the vibe Risin’ Sun started progressing through the Buffalo Killers.  Drummer Alex Weber stated that  Mad Alchemy’s “psychedelic lights washed away all the bad vibes of his mind and permitted the psychedelic vibes to be channeled in order to deliver the most psychedelic rock shows.”  Risin’ Sun’s return will be met with approval as those lucky enough to catch their recent tour spread the word about “that” trio from Mexico City who covered Cream like Hendrix and Hendrix like Cream.

Risin’ Sun

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