Photos of Five Finger Death Punch – Volbeat | US Cellular Center | Cedar Rapids


Hilary Mahoney writes:

The US Cellular Center held a packed house on Saturday, September 20th for the Nothing More, Hellyeah, Volbeat Five Finger Death Punch show. The line for the general admission performance began at 8 am. With the doors opening at 5:30 and pat-downs at the door, not everyone was able to make it inside in time to see Nothing More’s entire set, including me, but from the last two songs, they seemed like a band worth checking into. Hellyeah was up next, and the crowd roared each time Vinnie Paul stood up from behind the drum kit.

After a break, giving the crowd a chance to refill their beers or catch a smoke break, Volbeat hit the stage, playing all of their popular radio hits, in addition to Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire.” There was a slight problem with the sound during “Dead But Rising” but it was recovered from quickly. The crowd began to push forward before Five Finger Death Punch hit the stage, while those on the outer edges played a game of “kick the empty beer cups” that were scattered around the floor by this time. Fists and horns were raised all around as Ivan Moody and the boys took over. Thankfully they threw in some of their popular tunes early in the set, because….. This writer accidentally walked out a no re-entry door and missed the end of the show.

From the turnout, I think  it’s safe to say that the metal crowd in the Cedar Rapids area is strong and ready for more. Take heed, US Cellular Center!

Now to the photos!!!

Sorry folks, I got a little trigger happy! It may take a second to load, but believe me – IT’S WORTH IT!! This show made my top 5 most badass shows to shoot! Being a rockabilly buff at heart, I was a little more impressed with Volbeat but the entire show was kick ass! Enjoy the pics folks!

Click the first thumbnail, it’ll enlarge then you can just use the arrow thingys to see just how BADASS this show was!

Each band has a section below . . . I know, I know there’s a lot of photos, but don’t you wanna relive this shit??








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