Photos of Charles Bradley Majestic Theatre, Madison WI


Madison, WI (April 30, 1969)

April 30, 2016 Charles Bradley and the Extraordinaires with Tenement played the Fillmore East ( The Majestic Theatre.)  Tenement was as far away from Charles Bradley on paper than water to wine. There was a planned mix of pysch, punk, funk, R&B, and any genre in a blues-jazz birthing event. Bradley transformed the sell-out crowd to a  Bill Graham production of the late 60’s. Bradley and The Extraordinaires with Tenement, summoned  spirits to an evening of  Quicksilver, Sons of Champlin, Black Sabbath, Sly Stone, Rev Al Green and James Brown. To add credence to my tripped out experience I present the  T-shirts below.









“Daptone (Records) … featured a powerful, soul-charged reworking of the Black Sabbath number “Changes” on Bradley’s new release by the same name. The single and its accompanying music video became underground hits and the song became the cornerstone of Bradley’s next  Dunham/Daptone album, 2016’s Changes.” All Music



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