Norah Jones Des Moines Civic Center 3-9-10


Norah Jones’ show was about as foggy 3-9-10 at The Des Moines Civic Center, as the weather.

Sarah Jaffe opened to the almost 3,000 attendees. Her set intrigued me enough to want to look at her more. After my tiresome journey to Des Moines , Sarah was like an infusion  of Demerol.

Norah Jones and her new band played seven songs from The Fall, her new album. Still hungover from Sarah, it was not until Norah covered Hank Williams’ “Cold Cold Heart”, that I began to take notice. Norah verbally teased the crowd by tempting us with another possible cover, Kris Kristofferson’s “If You Don’t Like Hank Willams You Can Kiss MY……Norah politely patted her rear posterior.” Maybe next time.

Norah made multiple references to a girl band she has with band mate Sasha Dobson.  By the final song  of the show I was wishing that that was the band I had seen. I embraced her covers  more so than her own material. Although Norah did make  each cover her own, especially Jeff Tweedy’s “Jesus, Etc.” Norah also did Tom Waits “Long Way Home” and The Kinks “Strangers.”

Overall I was disappointed that my like of The Fall did not transfer over to the live setting.  I would gladly give Norah and her new band a second shot, but minus the Fog.         jorge

Photo: Jonathan Quinn/The Register

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