Navytrain Shocks at Pre-Tumbledown Show


Words | Chelsea Erin Wright & Photos | Brian Drourr Photography

Navytrain has been continuing to surprise with an influx of new lyrics, and their uplifting momentum. Nectars was packed this past Thursday, July 6th for their ‘Pre-Tumbledown Party’ – Twiddle’s Annual festival, in their hometown. Tumbledown is a big part of the Maritime Festival, which takes place down at the beautiful waterfront every July. Navytrain not only revealed their new percussionist, but also amazed the crowd with sit-ins by Mihali Savoulidis, lead guitar & vocalist of Twiddle, and Haley Jane (Haley Jane & The Primates).

They recently said goodbye to their percussionist and dear friend, Ray Belanger, as time for the graduating class of 2017 at UVM came to an end. With this news, Navytrain decided to host an audition which was open to the public, at Club Metronome in downtown Burlington several weeks ago. Ethan Snyder, a well-known drummer around the area, quickly found his rhythm within their unique sound. Snyder is an incredibly talented musician, so this new addition not only adds a level of talent that most certainly matches what they have been bringing to the table – but it also provides a new element, the drum kit.

Their show at Nectar’s far surpassed any expectations, from the improvisational jams with Savoulidis on a few of their most popular songs, to the beauty of Haley Jane’s voice accompanying Davidson’s lead, and of course the full-sound provided by Snyder. Having been to many of their shows, it is clear that their strides in the music scene are well-deserved – for their perseverance, devotion and dedication to the music, which provides a deeply moving experience for their audiences. The resilience and strength conveyed through their lyrics, keeps onlookers moving in a new way, which is refreshing and profound.

Navytrain will be starting their East Coast tour this coming week, with a show tonight at Nietzsche’s in Buffalo, NY followed up by several other NY shows: Funk n’ Waffles in Syracuse tomorrow night, and The Haunt in Ithaca, NY the following evening. They will then travel to Lenoxville, PA for the festival Zucchini Moon 6, and finish out their July tour with a few stops in NJ and NH, as well as big show in NYC for a ‘Phish Pre-Party’ at American Beauty. Stay tuned for more news, as there’s sure to be some exciting stuff coming up for these guys.

For more information on their tour schedule, check out their website here: Navytrain

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