Navytrain Opens For ‘Mihali & Frends’: The Rusty Nail | Stowe, VT February 4th, 2017


Stowe, VT | The Rusty Nail | February 4th, 2017

As Navytrain has continued to spread their sound around Burlington, they have been quickly noticed by Mihali Savoulidis of Twiddle – one of Vermont’s most well-known & talented jam bands, since the inception of Phish.

Like Phish, Navytrain formed at the University of Vermont. Each of the members currently attends UVM, and came together – first as friends, then as musicians – through being roommates. In 6 short months – from their first live performance at the Light Club Lamp Shop in September, to their first ever interview, with Live Gig Shots in October, then their first Higher Ground gig in November & their EP release/party following that – they have made major strides. You can learn more about Navytrain here: Interview: Navytrain | October 28th, 2016

Mihali attended Navytrain’s very first Higher Ground gig (November), in which they opened for ‘Ripe & Lawrence’ from Boston, MA. Ripe is “a Funk/Pop band out of Boston, MA that was born as a result of its seven members’ uniting over one belief: with enough passion and honesty, music can still make the earth shake”. Ripe & Lawrence

Navytrain was then invited by Mihali to open for his solo gig at Waterworks in Winooski, the following day. They were incredibly well received by Mihali’s usual and ever-building crowd. Following this show, Navytrain was put on the bill to open as special guests for ‘Mihali & Frends’: Mihali (lead vocals, guitar) & Zdenek (bass) of Twiddle, Pappy (vocals, banjo) from Cabinet, Adrian of Kung Fu, and Ray & Russ of Trey Anastasio Band.

Navytrain’s performance at The Rusty Nail blew every other of show of theirs that I’ve attended, out of the water. They rose to the occasion, pulling in a great crowd with their unique, deeply moving music. Their lyrical messages are lined with revolutionary sentiment, and hints of the reflections of love, loss and growth – their outpouring of soul for this show was truly inspirational, leaving the crowd curious and wanting for more. They certainly set the vibe for the night, warming up the stage for two sets of incredibly tight jamming from Mihali & Frends.

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