Navytrain Graduates UVM & Ray Graduates from Navytrain


Navytrain celebrated the end of their time spent at the University of Vermont – where they met, became close friends and formed as a band – with a graduation party show at Sidebar, in downtown Burlington this past Friday. Leading up to the big celebration, they have continued to make major strides in the local music scene; having won the battle of the bands, landed the spot to open along with Two Door Cinema Club’ at UVM’s Spring Fest 2017, landing a gig for the Waking Windows Music Festival in Winooski earlier this month, and being featured on Burlington’s local radio stations, The Point FM: 104.7 and The Better Alternative WRUV: 90.1. They also released a new single, ‘Runaway‘ which is available on Spotify & iTunes.

With the great momentum and celebration, came another unforeseen shift – the announcement of their percussionist Ray Belanger, saying farewell. Not only did he graduate from school, but he also graduated from Navytrain, to pursue a job in his field of study. He is wished the best of luck, and will be missed. Ray will certainly be remembered as having had a positive influence on the beginning formation & dynamic sound of the trio.

They’re booked to play shows all the way out until ‘Tumbledown 2017’ – Twiddle’s very own music festival, at the waterfront park July 28th-29th. Stay tuned for what these guys have up their sleeves next, as it is bound to be exciting. For more information about Navytrain, check out this interview with them from the start of their journey: Navytrain: A Soulful Sound of Burlington

To view their tour schedule & access their music, check out their website: They also just released a new video, which was shot down near the Waterfront Park in Burlington, by Sapience Films.

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