Mud Morganfield – Muddy Waters’ Eldest Son


Riverside, Iowa (March 18, 2016)

Mud Morganfield was born to Muddy Waters and Mildred Williams in Chicago. He was raised by his mother and seven uncles, with occasional visits from Muddy, and never really got to know his father.

Regarding his childhood in Chicago, Morganfield says, “I didn’t have the pleasure of getting up and walking down the lakefront and watching the ocean and the lakes or something. I came up and there was gunshots and someone may have gotten hit down the street. I mean, I’ve seen the drunks, the drugs, and I tell you again, I can’t forget these things because it makes up who I am today. It makes me the man I am today.”

Despite growing up surrounded by music, Morganfield did not consider becoming a professional musician until after his father’s death in 1983.[4] At that time, Morganfield was driving trucks for a living, but the strain was wearing on him. He suggested that a recurring dream of Muddy Waters performing on stage helped prompt him to begin playing the blues professionally.  Mud Morganfield’s Website
March 18, 2016 Riverside Casino and River City Casino



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