Mickey Hart Band | Englert Theatre Iowa City, Iowa 8.8.13


Iowa City, Iowa (August 8, 2013)  August is my “Hart” month. Had a heart attack August 2012, wedding anniversary is in August and Mickey Hart comes to Iowa City in August.  Another “Hart” fact is he was the first show I shot 3 days after I got out of the hospital. Bet you are wondering if there is any insight to his 2013 show. I am going to defer to someone who worked tirelessly each time Mickey hits Iowa via his street team spreading the gospel according to “Hart.” Chad Walton with City Reveled.

The Mickey Hart Band’s Superorganism Tour Lands in Iowa City

by Chad Walton
For the second time in the last year, hipsters from age one to 90 gathered at The Englert Theatre for one of the most notable, world beat drummers in the world, Mickey Hart.  He happens to also be the drummer of The Grateful Dead.

We were first treated to a 20 minute sound check of, “Don’t Let Your God,” and got to see Mickey direct his musicians on how he wanted things done on stage.  He was really the composer, keeping everything going but letting the other members have their own say in the music with their personal touch.

Opening the show at 8 pm was Tea Leaf Trio, which are three of the members of the band Tea Leaf Green.  They didn’t disappoint the crowd by getting everyone grooving before the main act Mickey Hart.

The Mickey Hart Band, which is comprised of an eight piece all star cast, hit the stage right on time at 9 pm with the instrumental drumming of the song “Drone.”  He then segued into “Chabadas,” which is a beautiful song off his upcoming album, Superorganism.  Of course he couldn’t go long without breaking into a Grateful Dead tune so “West L.A. Fadeaway” was the first of the night to get the crowd on their feet and up to the stage.  The first set included some of his songs off his last album Mysterium Tremendum, which was released in 2012.  Mickey ended the first set with another crowd favorite “Samson and Delilah.”  That got the crowd pumped for the second set.

After a short break, the band came back out and opened with a new song, “Mind Your Head,” chanting “A Happy Brain is a Good Brain.”  Mickey had a device on his head that senses his brain movement and portrays it on a large screen for the crowd to see.  It was really cool to see something like this in person.  This again got everyone up and moving as they weaved into “Time Never Ends” off of Mysterium Tremendum. The show seemed to be moving right along with the amazing musicianship of everyone on stage. “Iko/Iko,” the much covered New Orleans tribal song got everyone clapping their hands and jumping up and down.  Hey, why not go right into “Going Down The Road Feeling Bad?” It never fails to keep people moving.  With everyone smiling from ear to ear and shakin’ I think everyone was going to be going down the road feeling good after a night like this.  After leaving the stage, the band came back and did a beautiful rendition of “Friend of The Devil” to send everyone on their way.

Set 1: Drone>Chabadas, West L.A. Fade Away, Cut The Deck, Bertha, Djinn Djinn, Supersonic, Don’t Let Down Your God>Samson and Delilah

Set 2:Mind Your Head>Time Never Ends>Who Stole The Show, I Want It Back> Iko Iko>Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Encore: Friend Of The Devil

Used with permission of City Reveled.

What Mickey Hart Band Looked Like

The Mickey Hart band are:

Mickey Hart
Crystal Monee Hall (vocals)
Joe Bagale (vocals/keys/guitar)
Gawain Matthews (Guitar/vocals)
Reed Mathis (Bass)
Sikiru Adepolu (Talking Drum + Misc Percussion)
Greg Schutte (Drums)
Jonah Sharp (Sound Design + Keyboards)


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