Magnetos Chrome Horse Saloon 11.30.12


Holly Hines writes:

If you’re going to a Magnetos show, be prepared to dance. The band’s rockabilly mix of country, blues, and old-time rock-and-roll is likely to incite swing dancing, slow dancing, and uncontainable freestyle steps.

On their Facebook page, the Magnetos members describe themselves as “Cedar Rapids’ own rockabilly trio, playing traditional rockabilly with authentic youthful aggression, with authentic instruments.” At their Friday night show at The Chrome Horse, band members Joe “Joey Bravo” Zahorik, Joe “Pegleg” Nelson, and Todd “El Deuce” Brown took authentic up a notch. Sporting greaser-style pompadours to match their authentic tunes and attitudes, the band offered up gritty, energetic versions of favorites by Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis Presley, and Buddy Holly, among others.

The Magnetos strive to give a show with the same feel as a 1950s rock-and-roll concert. They say, “make no mistake… loud, fast, and out of control… the only way Chuck, Elvis, Buddy, Carl, Jerry, and all the others ever wanted it… this is the real deal.” And at The Chrome Horse, the trio of misfit-inspired musicians delivered this vibe to a packed house of dancers, foot-tappers and listeners alike.

All photos by Paul Adams

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