Linkin Park 1/26 Chicago by Evan J. Thomas

Change is inevitable…  For a band to make it in the music industry in this age of the internet, music downloads, blogs etc. they have to evolve with their music or their shelf life will be short lived.

Linkin Park put fannies in the seats of the spacious United Center in Chicago on Wednesday night when most other bands of their era (Limp Bizkit, Papa Roach) are now relics in the rap rock genre that began in the late 90’s.  Linkin Park has managed to revolutionize their sound from the rap rock era to one that is more melodic and musical while holding on to a little of their roots that made them a major player in the industry.  Not only has the band transformed musically but they have generated a following that makes them more fan friendly in this failing economy.  LP offers a free download of each show and stages meet and greets with fans.

The stage at the UC was set up in a unique triangle shape with platforms strategically placed about the floor.  The six-piece band was spread about while singers Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda infused their contrasting vocals over the guitar rifts and samples laid down by the other members of LP.  Unfortunately I didn’t get the opportunity to stay for the remainder of the show due to the usual three songs that photographers get to capture the moment so I missed the best parts.  I will say this though, after listening to most of their new album “A Thousand Sun”, LP’s conversion to art-rock will give the band staying power for years to come.


“The Requiem”

“The Radiance”

“Lying From You”

“Given Up”

“What I’ve Done”

“No More Sorrow”

“From the Inside”

“Jornada Del Muerto”

“Waiting for the End”




“The Catalyst”

“Shadow of the Day”

“In the End”

“Bleed It Out”


“Empty Spaces”

“When They Come for Me”



“New Divide”

“One Step Closer

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