LGS Releases “Enthusiastic Apathetic” FREE DOWNLOAD” by Matthew James and The Rust Belt Union


Matthew James and The Rust Belt Union recently released their single Enthusiastic Apathetic included on Impromptu Musicals for the Skeptic 12” LP release via Sump Pump Records to much acclaim.

LGS is excited to release Enthusiastic Apathetic as a free download! In celebration of their album release party at Octopus Friday September 29th in Cedar Falls, IA and Lefty’s Saturday September 30th in Des Moines, IA.

Both shows represent some of the best talents in each part of Iowa. In Cedar Falls, Rust Belt Union is playing with rockers TWINS and Brian Johannsen of David Zollo’s Electric Body as he debuts songs from his new album too. In Des Moines, the party brought back local yet national touring Rumble Seat Riot (featuring members of Rust Belt Union!) this is their first show in 2017 and has fans foaming at the mouth! Matthew James also brought in PaperBags from his hometown of Detroit to open.

Enthusiastic Apathetic is nostalgic of when country and blues mixed in the 1970’s with lyrics like a Bukowski rave. Similarly, during the last recession we feel the closing of factories and cash grab opportunists rising as workers must decide their pride. The Rust Belt Union take their name from these shut down manufacturing jobs and use these themes to build art.

Drums bash like a drunken conductor, keeping beat while falling forward. Every verse spits as the pedal steel haunts undertow and a blistering guitar lick cuts between each line.

The chorus demands, “IT AIN’T FOR ME!” deciding we can’t butter someone else’s bread only to get paid in peanuts. In a callous and stoic society eager to plug into technology once they punch off the clock -the song begs the question: Is it a mantra, slave chant, or battle cry? It’s ambiguous as the repeating pedal steel part sounding like a ship coming into harbor, again hard to tell if it’s a cruise ship or cargo freight. Enthusiastic Apathetic is tension and release in an age of burner phones, cracked screens, and Netflix subscriptions. Matthew James and The Rust Belt Union is testing the waters and made their own sound they call Midwest Junk Soul.

So here to the working class is a free download. Join the Rust Belt Union at a live show soon as they incite a riotous experience  Like many songs off Impromptu, it uses Ginsberg like parataxis, which is shown blending each song together as one long rap on the poster’s back in the vinyl insert. Grab Impromptu Musicals for the Skeptic at www.sumppumprecords.com and enjoy!

For fans of: Tom Waits, Chuck Regan, Lucero, Scott H. Biram, Left Lane Cruiser, Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band, The Hooten Hallers #rustbeltunion #midwestjunksoul #impromptumusicals #fortheskeptic #TWINS #rumbleseatriot #leftyslivemusic #octopuscollegehill




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