Kyle Eastwood Quintet The Washington Burlington, IA 4-14-15


Burlington, Iowa (April 14,2015)

In 1986 Maurice Hines (jazz singer,choreographer) asked what he thought of Miles Davis, “Everybody always analyzes, Miles does this and Miles does that…they did the same to Louie (Louis Armstrong) I could never get it, I am into the way he makes me feel, I do not know the man, but I do know how he made me feel.”

I know very little about the Kyle Eastwood. Obviously he possesses name recognition, he is 46, a bassist, composer and he is damn good.  He is touring as a quintet; piano, drums, trumpet, sax and bass. I caught his gig at a very cool club in Burlington, Iowa, “The Washington.”

In a recent interview Kyle said his new record is to pay his debt to the jazz of the late 50’s and early 60’s. Kyle played “Dolphin Dance” by Herbie Hancock , Horace Silver’s “Blowin The Blues Away” and his own compositions, many on his new record.

To quote the Grandfather of Soul, “I feel Good.”

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