King Crimson I Chicago Theatre I Chicago, Ill I June 28, 2017


Chicago, Ill (June 28, 2107)

“Good Evening Ladies And Gentleman Welcome to The Show Now That You are in the Venue Please Refrain From Taking Any Pictures Using a Camera Or Phone Until The Very End Of The Show…”  King Crimson

King Crimson

  • Robert Fripp – guitar, mellotron, keyboards 
  • Mel Collins – saxophone, flute , mellotron and backing vocals 
  • Tony Levin – bass guitar, NS upright bass, Chapman Stick, funk fingers, synthesizers, backing vocals 
  • Bill Rieflin – keyboards, synthesizer, mellotron, backing vocals,
  • Pat Mastelotto – percussion, acoustic and electronic drums 
  • Gavin Harrison – main drums 
  • Jakko Jakszyk – lead vocals, guitar, flute
  • Jeremy Stacey – drums, keyboards, backing vocals

Thanks to David Singleton for allowing exclusive access to King Crimson’s stage prior to the show.


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