Keller Williams KWahtro & The Kitchen Dwellers: Wonder Ballroom, Portland OR


The Keller Williams KWahtro headlined the Wonder Ballroom in Portland, Oregon on January 20th, 2017. The Kitchen Dwellers, an electro-psych bluegrass group from Montana, opened up the evening with a killer set. They grooved their “Galaxy grass” into the room, creating an undeniably good-feel vibe. By the time the KWahtro took the stage, the crowd was ready for Keller’s typical high-energy performance. What was to unfold blew any perceived expectations away, with their out of the ordinary performance. Kellers’ accompaniment was incredible, including super tight guitarist Gibb Droll, deeply funky bassist Danton Boller, and the drum aficionado Rodney Holmes. The sound that this KWahtro creates is unlike any other that I have heard on the music scene – they combine improvisational bursts of new disco and reggae, with what Keller calls “jazz swing afro tap”. The group uses Keller’s songs as a canvas to work off of, making for one hell of a show.

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