John Hiatt Plays The Englert 7/30/2013 with Holly Williams Opening

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IOWA CITY, Iowa (July 30, 2013) — John Hiatt and the Combo played a sold out show at the Englert Theatre Tuesday night, passing through on his marathon tour of the US. I swear, one look at this guy’s schedule and you would swear he has a time machine. Seriously, only 8 non-playing days in August, this guy is working harder than me and I got two jobs! No evidence of road fatigue in his performance. John was solid to say the least throughout the set. AND we lucked out to be the last in this leg of the trip to have the prettiest of the Williams bloodline to grace the stage. Holly Williams opened with a 1/2 hour set, which in my humble opinion was far too short. I see a striking resemblance to Hank Senior. Is it in the jaw line?

Holly Williams on Stage at the Englert Theatre

John Hiatt on Stage at the Englert Theatre

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