Janis Ian 3.11.13 Englert Theatre


Janis Ian  performed at The Englert Theatre Iowa City, Iowa

Janis was in top form,  fresh and vibrant.  March 11 was stop 3 of 40 on her new tour. Janis said that as the tour progressed she would talk/sing less and dance more. The evening was a generous mixture of compelling music and Janis Ian heart felt stories. I think I teared up twice during her set.  Each song was perfect.  When she talked about he mother the crowd silenced and hung on her every word. Janis would then shift gears and refer to herself a short Jewish lesbian. An audience member yelled out, “You are married in Iowa.” Janis said, “Yes we are.”  Janis had just won a Grammy for her autobiography over the likes of Bill Clinton and Michelle Obama.  Mine is on order.



I was born into the crack that split America. On one side of the chasm was the America my parents lived in. There, the country was still congratulating itself on winning the war after the War to End All Wars. Men wore suits and ties to work, or laborer’s uniforms. Women wore stiletto heels, and kept themselves pure for marriage. Females did the housework, males did the heavy lifting. Blacks knew their place, whites knew theirs, and there wasn’t much room between.

On the other side of the crack was the America I grew up in, bounded by anarchy and a passion for truth. In that America, all wars were meaningless, born out of governmental greed and disregard. Vietnam was just the latest in a series of events to help the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. People on my side of the crack …..



Excerpt from “Society’s Child – My Autobiography” by Janis Ian –

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