Ian Rawn


I met Ian @ Wanee in April of 2010.

Since then I have followed his work on Facebook and his site ,PlayinDead.org .

Ian’s Bio:

“I have always been a huge fan of live music. My tastes range from bluegrass to rock to jazz and even some electronica. I was brought up with the sounds of the Grateful Dead and this exposure inspired the very name of this site. My love for music sparked a desire to capture special moments from concerts that I attend.

I started shooting with a digital SLR only a few years ago and have been fascinated with photography ever since. In addition to concert photography, I also enjoy capturing portraits, architecture, and any of the far off lands that I travel too. I currently shoot with all Nikon gear and have recently upgraded to the Nikon D300.
I strive to show my passion for travel, music, and life in all of my work. Please feel free to comment and let me know which images are your favorite.”

Ian Rawn – Photographer

Please visit Ian’s site

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