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The following is an interview from Fred Wesley, trombonist , submitted during a recent stop in Iowa as a part of Abraham Inc.

March 4, 2010

jorge: I heard a KCCK radio interview this week with Fred Wesley where he stated James Brown said that there was no FUNK in Iowa. Is Abraham  Inc bringing the FUNK to Iowa?

FW: The comment was made in reference to drummer Bill Stewart, an Iowa native, and James Brown quickly figured out at the time that he was wrong because “the boy played plenty funk.” Now, Fred says, yes, Abe Inc is bringing it, but

funk was already here.


jorge: As Abraham Inc consists of musicians/artists that have differing backgrounds and musical influences, is there anything that draws the members together, a common thread?

jFW: A love of music, a willingness to listen to one another and one another’s styles, and mutual respect and appreciation.

jorge: What are the future plans for Abraham Inc beyond their current touring schedule?

FW: Among other things, Fred’s getting ready for an April tour of Europe, and also in April will record a new CD with his band, the New JBs.

jorge: If you could change one thing in the music business and it would become a reality, what would that be?

JW: Delete lawyers, Fred says (tongue in cheek).






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