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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (November, 2, 1013) — Just days before they’ll be featured on the 2013 Country Music Awards, country music duo Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard known as Florida-Georgia Line performed to the sold out US Cellular Center crowd in downtown Cedar Rapids. Rumor has it the show sold out in less than 5 minutes. Apparently this town was pretty hungry for a high energy, feel-good, pop-country arena show.

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive of covering this one. I’m not what one would describe as the biggest pop country music fan. Then I find out there will be no media pit, forcing us to sweat and jockey for a good angle (while humping 2 cameras and 5 lenses) with everybody else . . . oh boy!

But then something pretty amazing happened. We were led out to the pulsating mass of fans moments before Florida-Georgia Line took the stage. The house lights went down and arms and cellphones went up. The buzz of excitement enveloped me. I looked around and EVERYBODY was smiling; giddy with anticipation. Kelley and Hubbard took the stage and all at once, it was a full-on party.

Yeah I got soaked in beer and liquor. And yeah there are fans’ arms and phones in almost every shot i took, but had I not been stuck in the middle with ya’ll, I wouldn’t have seen the show the same. I wouldn’t have had as much fun. Together we made a record-setting, sold-out arena show – with one of the biggest upcoming country acts on the planet – feel very much like the cramped and potentially illegal house parties of my past. Hell yeah!

I might not be a huge pop country fan, but I’m DEFINITELY in favor of a good time had by all. Florida-Georgia Line brought us the party, US Cell played an amazing host — thanks ya’ll for the memories!

Enjoy the pics!



Florida-Georgia Line Live at US Cellular Center

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