Eye Empire 5.16.13 The Orph Madison, WI


Madison, WI 5.16.13-  The role of an opening  band is typically to warm up the crowd for the headliner. However there is nothing typical about Eye Empire. Being an opener can be intimidating when you plant your gear in front of a headliner’s set-up which can be in direct contrast of who you are as a band.  Add to that 80% of the sold-out crowd is there for  the headliner, which for Eye Empire it was VOLBEAT. Eye Empire is Donald Carpenter, lead vocals; B.C Kochmit, guitar; Corey Lowery, bass and drummer, Ryan Bennett. From the start of their set to the final song EE did more than warm up the crowd, they had people who came for VOLBEAT asking themselves who are these guys again? Donald Carpenter is a true showman and a quite good vocalist besides. B.C. Kochmit complimented Donald by using his guitar in rapid fire mode, flinging his long dred locks in step with his playing.  Ryan Bennett’s drumming was rock solid and Corey Lowery’s bass lines glowed like his neon green guitar strings.

If you are into hard rock at all and guttural is not your thing, Eye Empire maybe a band worth checking out before they have an opener of their own and you can’t get a spot on the rail.

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