Enter the Haggis at CSPS in Cedar Rapids 5.14.13


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (May 14, 2013) — Canadian Indie/Folk Rock Blues Funk World-fusion –jeez I’m not sure how else to describe them– band Enter the Haggis played 143* different instruments on stage at CSPS Tuesday night. Okay, I joke about the number of instruments, but only barely. Switching between fiddle, guitar, keys, trumpet, bells, harmonicas, a recorder (i think), bagpipe, etc . . . I guess they came up with the name Enter the Haggis comparing the diversity of their sound to the diverse ingredients found in haggis!  Leave it to CSPS to dish out another spectacular show.


Here is How Smart Folk Describe Them


From legionarts.org:

A Celtic-based explosion of blues, funk and rock, Toronto’s Enter the Haggis darts effortlessly from the trad strains of The Chieftains and The Pogues, to the frenetic pop of early Elvis Costello. The live show is a musical feast — visual, viscerally dynamic, emotionally uplifting and intellectually stimulating.

Most recently the group created an entire album based on the contents of one day in one newspaper. Called The Modest Revolution, a name taken from the front page headline of Toronto’s Globe and Mail, the record is a “day in the life” of humanity as seen through the eyes of a pretty nutso band. “Can’t Trust the News,” the album’s first single, was inspired by a 65-year-old woman’s decision to find distraction from the traumatic events in her life by climbing the highest peaks on each continent.


Here is What Enter the Haggis Sounds Like

From their 2013 release The Modest Revolution

Here is What Enter the Haggis Looks Like On Stage at CSPS

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