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Crossroads 2010

Posted in Entertainment by sceneandheardblog on June 30, 2010


A hot Chicago hosted Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival, Saturday at Toyota Soccer Park. It was a spectacular lineup mixed with Hall of Fame blues rock guitarists mixed with many of the new guitar superstars. All gathered for the third installment to benefit Clapton’s Antigua Center for Rehabilitation.

The sold out crowd endured the twelve hour classic through the extreme heat which reached nearly 100 degrees on field level.Medical stations were filled to capacity with fans suffering from heat exhaustion.

Event MC Bill Murray reminded the audience “ to keep hydrated and claimed that on this day beer qualifies as a hydrant”.

The conditions may have been tough but those who attended the festival enjoyed an historic day filled with outstanding music played by various combinations of legendary musicians. It was a marathon show filled with musical highlights. With every performer coaxing the other and carrying the audience to the highest levels of music heaven.

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