Col Bruce Hampton : Zambie 4 Ever


February 18, 2010

jorge- You have been contributing to music with various bands and mediums for over 45 years. Many artists with that kind of tenure play it safe. You on the other hand shake things up regularly.  How does your work remain fresh?

Bruce-to keep things fresh i go back in time,  the great music of the ages is always fresh im actually interested in doing 1 song and do it 4 ever thats fresh 2 me

jorge- Widespread Panic have been known to credit you in their liner notes, interviews as their father/mentor. Could you share some insights into

your connection with the southern artists, like WSP and the Allman Brothers Band?

Bruce- I have known WSP since early 80 s… Allmans since 68, both have never wavered…

jorge-  In 1993 I attended an AQRU show in Des Moines, Iowa in a venue across across the street from the police station. It had been raining non stop all day. During your set the police had you page me from the stage to tell me that all the roads were washed out and not to leave Des Moines. It turned out to be the flood of 93. To this day, the name Aquarium Rescue Unit has since had special meaning.What is the origin behind AQRU?

Col Bruce Wanee 2009

Bruce- The name aquarium rescue came from a song of mine recorded 1988, it’s about the wonderful and mundane jobs i held…Des Moines radio played “No egos underwater” during the floods.

jorge- If you could use your magic skills to make one thing a reality in the music business,  what would that be?

Bruce- if i could change the music business i would have great music in large places, such as Ornette coleman Cecil Taylor Mccoy Tyner, Blood Ulmer and Ralph Towner and many more unknowns that are great.

hope i answered your questions well enough,, best 2 u.  zambie 4 ever

My thanks to Col Bruce Hampton for his insights-jorge

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