Cheap Thrill Riverside Casino 6.8.13


Riverside, Iowa (June 8, 2013)- I was preparing for the Molly Hatchet shoot in the Event Center of the Riverside Casino, Rich Bentler, Riverside’s Entertainment Manager told me that Jeff Labar, Cinderella’s guitarist, former Collective Soul’s drummer Cheney Brandon with Eric Brittingham and Brandon Gibbs were playing on the casino stage and he wanted me to take photos.  As it turned out it was Jeff’s new touring band Cheap Thrill in their power acoustic version. I shot three of their songs before I had to leave for the start of Molly Hatchet.  They covered Billy Jean which prompted me to sit a little longer.

I will hopefully get a chance to catch Cheap Thrill for a full show as well as the electric version.

Rock Excess interview with Jeff Larbar where he talks about the band and his days in Cinderella.


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