Blackberry Smoke Photos from the Walcott Truckers Jamboree

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WALCOTT, Iowa (July 12, 2013) The Iowa 80 truck stop located in Walcott, Iowa on interstate 80 is known as the Biggest Truck Stop in the World.  For the past 34 years they have been hosting the Walcott Truckers Jamboree.  As a part of their festivities they headlined one of Southern rock’s best new additions, Blackberry Smoke from Atlanta Georgia. Fresh off their debut television appearance on NBC’s Jay Leno July 10th, Charlie Starr (Lead Vocals, Guitar), Richard Turner (Bass, Vocals), Brit Turner (Drums), Paul Jackson (Guitar, Vocals), and Brandon Still (Keyboards) next stop was Walcott, Iowa. Their 90+ minute set contained many songs from their new record  “Whirlpool” as well “Bad Luck Ain’t No Crime ,” and  “Little Piece of Dixie.” Blackberry Smoke fans were out in force filling the main stage area well before the band’s 7:00 start time. I had time to meet many of them and listen to their tales of meeting the band and the past shows they attended. Everyone said the same thing. Blackberry Stone Kicks butt. Kick butt is what they did . In about every tune they preformed it would eventually grow into a southern rock jam. I saw their Leno debut and then located their Walcott show as a had to cover event.  These guys have big written all over them. Charlie Starr told the crowd he didn’t care who played their music as long as it got played. “We play Southern music and that is it.”

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