Best Coast Iowa City 4.27.13


IOWA CITY, Iowa (April, 27, 2013) — Best Coast performs at the First United Methodist Church in the heart of Iowa City.  Scope Productions brought the Emperors Club and Best Coast to a somewhat unusual venue last Saturday; a church.  Acoustically solid and visually striking, the structure made for one hell of a show.  Personally, I felt the stage was set well by a solid opening performance by the Iowa City natives.  For images of their set, check out our coverage in Iowa City’s Own Emperors Club Plays a Church.  The mistake I made was assuming that the crowd for Best Coast would be as . . . complacent as they were earlier in the evening.  Moments before Bethany Cosentino, Bobb Bruno and crew took the “stage/alter” to bring their Lo-Fi surf rock sound to this holiest of halls, I knew it would be all elbows from here out.  What seemed at first to be an immense hall of sound was reduced to the immediate moment visible only directly in front of you.  Bethany looked physically a little road weary when compared to the images I’ve seen on the interwebs or on Jimmy Fallon’s show, wearing a black LA ball cap low over the brow.  Still they rocked it!


Here is What They Sound Like

From their 2012 album The Only Place


Here is What Best Coast Looks Like



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