B.B. King Gone May 14, 2015


Las Vegas, Nevada (May 15, 2015)

 B.B. King passed Thursday night May 14, 2015  at age 89.  On behalf of LGS I want to extend our thoughts and prayers to his family, friends, and fans.

“I have been around a long time and really paid my dues…” Riley B. King

Mr. King opened the refurbished Paramount Theatre in Cedar Rapids, Ia November 18, 2012.   


From Paramount Theater website:

Throughout the 1990′s as well as the 1980′s, 1970′s, 1960′s and 1950′s, there has been only one King of the Blues – Riley B. King, affectionately known as B.B. King. Since B.B. started recording in the late 1940′s, he has released over 60 albums many of them considered blues classics. Over the years, B.B. has had two number one R & B hits, 1951′s “Three O’Clock Blues”, and 1952′s “You Don’t Know Me”, and four number two R & B hits, 1953′s “Please Love Me”, and 1954′s “You Upset Me Baby”, 1960′s “Sweet Sixteen, Part I”, and 1966′s “Don’t Answer The Door, Part I”. B.B.’s most popular crossover hit, 1970′s “The Thrill Is Gone” went to #15 pop. Over the years, B.B. has developed one of the world’s most readily identified guitar styles. He borrowed from Lonnie Johnson, Blind Lemon Jefferson, T-Bone Walker and others, integrating his precise vocal like string bends and his left hand vibrato, both of which have become indispensable components of rock guitarist’s vocabulary. His economy, his every note counts phrasing, has been a model for thousands of players including Eric Clapton, George Harrison and Jeff Beck. B.B. has mixed traditional blues, jazz, swing, mainstream pop and jump into a unique sound. His singing is richly melodic, both vocally and in the “singing” that comes from his guitar. In B.B’s words, “When I sing, I play in my mind; the minute I stop singing orally, I start to sing by playing Lucille”.



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