Akiko Tsuruga Trio I Iowa City Jazz Festival 2016 I Iowa City, IA


Iowa City, Iowa (July 1, 2016)

The Akiko Tsuruga Trio featuring  Graham Dechter on guitar and Jeff Hamilton on drums.

“AKIKO has been a mainstay on the New York jazz scene since 2001.
Being of Japanese origin, this talented musician began playing the Organ at the age of three. She launched her career in jazz immediately after graduating from the Osaka College of Music. While living in Osaka, she had opportunities to play with world-renowned jazz musicians from the United States. Grady Tate, in particular, had the strongest influence on her professional career and convinced her to move to the U. S, and performed on her Japanese debut album. Dr. Lonnie Smith is one of Akiko’s greatest mentors, and she considers him as her biggest influence. Her talent also drew Lou Donaldson’s attention, and soon he chose her (2007) as his quartet’s organist.”

Akikio Tsuruga Official Website


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