Abraham Inc. 3-4-10 The Main Lounge, Iowa Memorial Union, Iowa City, Iowa


This was my first concert in The Main Lounge that provided seating. I did not sit; rather I walked throughout the venue taking pictures and listening from various locations.  I was impressed with Abraham Inc. They mixed several musical flavors, or as Socalled states, “super-hybrid monster music.” I cannot help but make a reference to the music of Frank Zappa.  When Fred Wesley handled the vocals, I had visions of Ike Willis. Clarinetist David Krakauer helped provide an abstract/progressive element.   Socalled even stated (to me) that he had just received an email from Frank stating that he liked their music.

Abraham Inc may have caught the crowd off guard with their infectious groove  of traditional Jewish rhythms and hip hop. The last two numbers brought the crowd to their feet. Many danced where they stood and a veteran dance couple displayed their talents in front of the stage.

I attended Abraham Inc. based solely on a radio interview with trombonist, arranger, singer Fred Wesley.  Fred was the only member of the main three that was familiar.  I have just broadened  my musical scope to include Abraham Inc.

Abraham Inc. consists of David Krakauer, clarinet, Fred Wesley, trombone, Socalled, keyboard, samples, vocals, C-Rayz Walz, rapper, Sheryl Bailey, guitar, Jerome Harris, bass, Michael Sarin, drums, Igmar Thomas, trumpet, Allen Watsky, rhythm guitar and Brandon Wright, saxophone.


Abraham Inc Website

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