The Steepwater Band Gas Lamp 11-24-12


Chicago based The Steepwater Band is Jeff Massey (guitar and vocals), Tod Bowers (bass guitar), Joe Winters (drums) and newest member Eric Saylors (2nd guitar and vocals).  The band played the Gas Lamp in Des Moines on Grand Ave. The venue had an old blues room feel and the sound was incredible for a bar atmosphere. The band played 2 sets of original music spanning their 13 year career with many from their 2011 release Clava. Their 18  minute cover of Boom Boom was a personal favorite.




If you have never seen The Steepwater Band check out their website for a venue near by or better yet bring them to a venue near you.





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[box_light]The Steepwater Band– Goin’ Down Slow 11.24.12[/box_light]

Set 1

  • Kitchen
  • Roadblock
  • Pocket
  • Out on Love
  • Wanna Be Loved
  • Come on Down
  • Dance
  • High and Humble
  • Won’t be Long
  • Bottle of Red Wine
  •  Burden
  • Remember the Taker
  • Boom Boom

Set 2

  • What’s This?
  • Goin’ Down Slow
  • Fire Away
  • Nowhere
  • Honey Bee
  •  Steel Sky
  • Crossroads
  • Hard as Stone
  • Aftermath
  • Rev Sunday
  • You Don’t Love Me

[box_light]The Steepwater Band- Come on Down [/box_light]

[box_light]The Steepwater Band- Won’t Be Long Now[/box_light]

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