7th Annual New Bohemia Arts Festival Band Photos


CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (September 1, 2013) — The seventh annual New Bohemia Arts Festival took place last week down in NewBo. And although IamNotJerry was not an official sponsor or was contracted to shoot the thing, there was absolutely no way I was going keep my cameras at home. Well, admittedly I did pack a little lighter . . . just one body and three lenses 😉 Needless to say, the music was great, the art was amazing, the vibe was perfect – it’s why I stick around. I can’t say enough about how cool our little corner of the city is becoming, and it’s so amazing to have so many talented folk right down the road. I’m a lucky dude, I get to call many of you “friends”. Love ya guys!

Sorry I wasn’t able to catch every performance, but in my defense . . . it was may day off 😉 Enjoy the pics ya’ll! Next year let’s do a photo booth!


Surf Zombies


Jordan Bergren

Planet Pluto with Craig Erickson and Natalie Brown


The Southeast Side Effect

Other Really Rad Folk at NewBo Arts 7

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