3 Days Til Frendly: Exposure | Frendly Friday’s ‘Annie In The Water’


Over the past few months leading up to Frendly, there have been several amazing ‘Frendly Friday’ shows around the city of Burlington, VT. These Friday night gigs have showcased acts who will be performing at Frendly – the first being a solo show with Mihali of Twiddle, followed by a street performance/parade, to an after party with DJ Taka. And then, there was ‘Annie In The Water’ at The Skinny Pancake down near the waterfront. Last summer, AITW were asked to open up Tumbledown 2016, also on the waterfront – the home of Vermont jam band Twiddle’s very first music event, which takes place during Burlington’s Maritime Music Festival.


Annie In The Water originates from Lake Placid, New York – consisting of Michael Lashomb on lead guitar and vocals, Brad Hester on lead vocals, beatbox, loop & rhythm, Billy Comstock (first bassist of Twiddle) on bass and vocals, JD Tolstoi on keys and organ, and Joshua West (drummer of well-known NY band, Lucid) on percussion, drums and vocals. They have been making great strides in the music scene, with their unique sound, providing tones of reggae, funk, rock, blues & their own jam-style. This gig was exceptional, including sit ins by Haley Jane from ‘Haley Jane & The Primates’, Meadow Eliz from Lucid, and several other friends including Matt Dolliver (saxophone player from Swimmer), & solo artist Nicholas Clark.

To learn more about AITW, you can visit their website here: Annie In The Water

Read below to find a snippet about them, as well as their Summer 2017 tour schedule:

Annie in the Water’s music is a groovy combination of Reggae, Funk, Rock, Blues and Jamstyle written with a conscious dose of positive vibes, unique melodies and intelligent lyrics. With the ability to fill an entire night with original music and also render well-known covers into a signature style, fans share extraordinary experiences that can’t be seen anywhere else.

After 9 years performing 600+ shows in over 13 states, the original duo of founding members Brad Hester and Michael Lashomb also lead a full band that will shock your soul into euphoria. Full band line-up includes featured members Joshua West (formerly of Lucid) on drums/percussion, JD Tolstoi on keys/organ and Billy Comstock (Brickdrop / formerly Twiddle) on Bass. Occasionally the lineup may feature percussionist Bill Bentz (Exit 30) and various woodwind or brass members.

The group creates a blend of music and entertainment that is inspired by the audience and the moment; the fan-base grows with every single performance in large part due to the indisputable fact that Annie in the Water will make people dance and feel happier no matter their age. Annie in the Water guarantees to deliver a great performance and intends to create unique experiences in as many locations as possible. While they also plan to continually expand their musical consciousness, this feels like only the beginning…”



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